Coronavirus Impacts Wayne Hills as Students Take Classes from Home


By Naila Dasilva and Manuela Gonzalez

As the Coronavirus death toll nears 9,115 with more than 222,642 cases reported worldwide, Wayne’s school district has officially begun distance learning Thursday, March 19.

Based on a tremendous effort by all of our employees and the cooperation of each school community, our district is ready for this journey and we look forward to working with you to make sure distance learning works for all of our students,” said Superintendent Mark Toback in a letter to parents and the school community. 

 “In order to gain a better understanding of how distance learning is working, we will be sharing a Thoughtexchange on Friday, March 20 and you will be able to provide us with your feedback. Toback added.

With over 9,415 cases in the United States throughout all 50 states, many schools with high cases in their area have been shut down until further notice. Nationwide there have been a total of 150 deaths.

New Jersey recorded its first confirmed case on March 3rd in Bergen County. The second confirmed case was tested at Hackensack Medical Center where they are currently being treated.  There are reportedly a total of 267 cases in New Jersey as of Monday, March 19.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who issued a state of emergency in New Jersey on March 9th, imposed a statewide in addition to school closings.  Bars, gyms and eat-in restaurants were ordered to shut down. Atlantic City casinos, racetracks, movie theaters, and other entertainment venues were also forced to close their doors. Willowbrook Mall and most malls all around New Jersey have also been closing their doors in fear of spreading the virus. Governor Murphy also imposed a state-wide curfew of 8 p.m.

Hospitals around the country have placed strict rules on incoming patients and many have told locals if they are not very sick try or showing symptoms of the virus to go to their primary doctor or Urgent Care.

Health officials warn that people need to take extra precautions in terms of hygiene including hand washing, staying about six feet away from people, and avoiding big crowds. 

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control encouraged all Americans to practice social distancing, the perceived or desired degree of remoteness between a member of one social group and the members of another, as evidenced in the level of intimacy tolerated between them. 

“My tip for everyone is to rely on information from reputable sites not from word of mouth,” said Judy Daly, WHHS school nurse. “Be up to date with information but be careful where you get the information from. Some sites won’t tell the truth and will blow the story out of proportion to strike fear into people. Cough and sneeze in your elbow, wash your hands regularly and use the same precautions that you should already be doing due to the flu season,” she added.

Due to the virus, not only school will be canceled. Sports have all been canceled because of the outbreak to try and stop people interacting with each other. National Sports is especially victim to the virus because of the huge masses of people that go to watch games. 

The PGA Tour for golf has postponed or canceled many of its tournaments until the week of Masters which is April ninth to 12. The Premier League for soccer in Europe and mostly England has suspended all games until April second and third and in others like the U.S. League, MLS, all games and friendly matches in March and April have been canceled. Tournaments for basketball like the Big East have been canceled for at least a month. Especially after having one of the Men’s basketball players test positive for the virus. Major League Baseball also postponed the opening for the regular season as well.  

All spring sports that just opened for Hills also are canceled, stopping the schedule until after the break is over. 

“As a senior I’m really upset that the coronavirus took away my last season playing golf for Wayne Hills ever,” Kyle Conklin.  “I was really looking forward to the season and not only improving my skills but also being able to grow closer with my teammates. I know I’m not the only person feeling this way and any senior who plays a sport will tell you it’s really sad getting this last season taken away from you.” 

Many hotlines have been established. With questions or concerns call 201-225-7000 (Bergen County), 800-962-1253, or 1-800-222-1222 (State Hotlines). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevent or CDC is the only reliable source with all the information needed. 

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