Biden Chalks Up Victories in Super Tuesday Contests


By Journalism Class, Staff Writers

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden won the majority of delegates on Super Tuesday, capturing victories in 10 state primaries.

“Just a few days ago the press and the pundits had declared this campaign dead,” Biden announced in a triumphant speech. “I am here to report, we are very much alive.”

Biden secured 453 delegates, people selected to represent the Democrats in a political assembly, while Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) came in second, securing 373. 

Sanders is expected to win California with 80 percent of the results in, the biggest delegate prize for Sanders.

Not all of the candidates had such a positive outcome from last night. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) lost her home state, Massachusetts, falling far behind Sanders, and even further behind Biden. She came out of the night with only 39 delegates. 

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who announced his departure from the race on Wednesday, March 4, won only the American Samoa despite having lavished some $600 million on advertisements and on a massive ground game. And while Bloomberg won five of the six delegates in the American Samoa, Tulsi Gabbard won only one, her only delegate of the night. 

Biden’s victories have come on the strength of his support among black voters, an area where Sanders cannot seem to succeed. 

Yet, Sanders still seems positive in his campaign. 

“When we began this race for the presidency, everybody said it couldn’t be done. But tonight I tell you with absolute confidence, we are going to win the democratic nomination” Sanders stated.