88-Year-Old Crossing Guard Dies While Saving Two Lives


By Sophia Kim, Staff Writer

Bob Nill, or known as “Mr. Bob,” by the children of Christ the King Catholic School, passed away this past Tuesday in Kansas City.

According to the police, a driver drove directly into Bob Nill. There were two boys, aged 7 and ll, when a speeding vehicle was heading straight in their direction. Alarmed, Bob Nill pushed the boys out of harm’s way and ended up getting struck by the car.

Nill was an 88-year-old man and formerly served in the Coast Guard. He then pursued a career of banking, which he retired from later in his life.

It is reported from his family that although he was retired, “he felt young at heart and didn’t want to spend his golden years sitting around.”

“This was something I think he felt like he could help children and help himself feel good about what he was doing,” says Nill’s nephew, Randy Nill.

Families around this neighborhood were touched by the incident and Bob’s bravery. They hope that this will be the final “wake-up call” for people to feel grateful for community servants who spend their time and dedication to make schools and school zones safe.

“I offer my deepest sympathies to the family of the crossing guard, and I offer our gratitude on behalf of our residents for his selfless sacrifice in protecting our children,” says Mayor David Alvey of Wyandotte County.

He also assures the community and Nill’s family that “The Unified Government staff extends their heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the employee’s family, friends, and those affected by this tragedy.”

“He died a hero,” says Juliana Lee, a Wayne Hills sophomore. “People underestimate their jobs, but they’re the ones that are protecting us, and we owe them a lot.”