‘Navigator of Life’ to Visit Hills Next Wednesday


Motivational Speaker Scott Chesney will address students next week.

By Journalism Class, Staff Writers

Motivational speaker Scott Chesney will visit Wayne Hills on February 26, 2020, to discuss his experiences with self-esteem, decision making, and the power to choose. 

Chesney, a paralyzed two-time world traveler and self-described navigator of life, will address each grade level in the auditorium during specified blocks two to five. At the age of 15, Chesney suffered from a spinal stroke leaving him paralyzed from the belly button down.

“Chesney will tap into our greatest power as a human being; the power to choose,” says Donna King, Student Assistance Coordinator. “He will explain the different choices we have and how our choices affect our self-esteem as well as how to build and maintain healthy self-esteem,” she adds.

The professional life coach’s visit will likely be the last in a series of motivational speakers Wayne Hills will host this year, King says. The speaker’s visit will tie into the “No Place for Hate” initiative that focuses on preventing bullying and harassment.

“Presentations like Chesney’s offer a fresh perspective,” King says. “It changes things up; it’s not another teacher lecturing them; this is somebody’s personal story which we hope is relatable and has a lasting impact.” 

As of 2014, Chesney became president of the Raise Hope Foundation which trains, mentors, and places people with disabilities and veterans in competitive careers including financial services. 

King hopes that students will connect and relate to Chesney’s story, and apply it to their own lives in order to make smarter choices that improve the atmosphere in the school. 

As a person who skydives, walks on hot coals on his hands, para-sails, and continues to engage in many other adventures around the world, Chesney prides himself in living life to its fullest and encourages and trains audiences and clients to do the same. Throughout his two world tours, Chesney uses many different techniques that he learned throughout the world.