Why is Hills So Cold?

Why is Hills So Cold?

By Lily Waterman

As you may have noticed, most students walk around in heavy jackets or big coats. There is no real average for the temperature for each classroom. Everyday I think about which classrooms I will be in and dress accordingly.

“Personally, I have three reasons why I wear my coat. One, I am cold, two, it’s cozy, and three, women’s clothes don’t have pockets due to the sexism of the clothing industry,” says Ms. Schillaci, English teacher at Hills.

“I like to wear my coat around school because I don’t have enough time to go to my locker so it’s easier to wear than to carry. Also because a lot of my classes are cold so it’s just easier to always wear it,” says Nikki Belenkiy, Junior at Hills.

A lot of students complain about one class being extremely cold and another being so hot, so they end up wearing layers to school to acclimate to each class. Like me, most students realize this as a problem and try to correct their own temperatures.

“I am always hot in English and History, but I’m cold in Spanish and Stat. I think the school should distribute the heat more,” says Ashley Goldberg, Junior at Wayne Hills.

From a poll on the Patriot Press Website, 51% said they do not wear their coats while 49% said they do. This proves that a large amount of the students in school do feel cold enough to wear their winter coats all day in school.

Most days in Doctor Defina’s room I need my winter coat because there is zero heat, but Ms. Schillaci’s room is extremely hot. I think this issue should be addressed by trying to normalize the room temperatures overall.