2019-2020 SDA Update


By Maya Kachroo, Danielle Cohen, and Emma Arango

With just five weeks left in the season, WHHS’s 2019-2020 Student Dance Association is starting to heat up; the girls have been practicing hard and getting ready for their annual show. 

Captains and officers from both teams took a trip to New York City on January 9th and saw the Broadway show, Mean Girls. They took a dance class by Kevin Conscuelluela, who danced with the show for a year, and learned the dance to the song “Apex Predator”. 

“It was so cool to learn a routine that was literally in the show,” said Senior Sydney Rodis, the SDA historian, “When we watched the show, a lot of us were doing the dance in our heads. Kevin was super nice, and really tried to make us all feel comfortable learning such a complicated routine.”

As for the show as a whole, the girls are working hard as their performances quickly approach. The theme of this year’s show is “SDA Heads Back in Time”, and each dance explores a different time period throughout history. 

“We’re getting a lot done and it’s all moving smoothly and starting to really come together. I can already feel the show is going to be amazing!” says SDA president, Senior Nicole Collins. 

The Maroon team is currently on a three-year winning streak, with this year’s overall, Alyssa Miller confident in another success.

“The SDA season so far is busy as usual but with a little less than five weeks left until the show my dances are really starting to come together. I’m excited for what’s to come because it just keeps getting better,” she says. 

As for the White team, this year’s overall, Emma Hogan, is confident that with a team of fresh faces, the girls will have a more successful outcome than last year. 

“I’m really excited for this season; this is an all-new white team! The girls are working so hard on their dances and so far it’s been so much fun. Especially being overall, watching all the dances come together is one of the best feelings ever,” she says. 

The dates of the shows are February 27th, 28th, and 29th. Tickets go on sale in February, and everyone is excited about one of WHHS’s biggest events of the school year.