Wayne Hills Ranked in Top 7% of STEM schools in the Nation


By Afi Ibragimov, Staff Writer

Wayne Hills was ranked in the top 7% of high schools in the country to excel in STEM learning programs.

Last month, Wayne Hills was ranked as one of the best schools in the country to get an education in the STEM field. Newsweek partnered with STEM.org and ranked all the high schools in the country based on how well their math and science programs prepared their STEM students for life after high school. When ranking the schools, teacher qualities such as skill and proficiency, as well as their ability to teach their students in an innovative and engaging way were considered. 

Over the past few years, over $70,000 was donated to the Wayne Education Foundation in the pursuit of advancing STEM programs at all grade levels. 

Both Wayne Hills and Valley were ranked in the top 7%, however, Hills ranked at #1,771 while Valley at #1,951. The top 5,000 high schools were ranked by a “broad set of quantitative and qualitative data inputs,” according to data released by the Wayne district. 

Hills offers advanced science and math courses, as well as accelerated technology and engineering programs like Robotics and C++ for students to explore countless career paths that they may be interested in.

The goal of STEM is to help students prepare for life outside the classroom, where much of the world is driven by modern technology, according to “Tap Into Wayne”.

“One of our strongest programs is CAD. Our teacher, Mr. Lemken, is an excellent motivator that inspires his students to pursue a career in the engineering field,” says junior Sakshi Lende.

“Ultimately, the primary factor is the excellent teaching that takes place every day. We are so proud of our staff and students for this significant accomplishment,” comments Dr. Mark Toback, Superintendent of the Wayne School District.