WHHS Wellness Takes on the Winter Blues


By Danielle Cohen and Maya Kachroo

WHHS will be holding another wellness initiative during PE classes this Wednesday, December 18th. 

The theme of this week’s initiative is “Beating the Winter Blues.” When the temperatures drop, students need some extra support to stay stress-free. This initiative is specifically dedicated to bringing students’ wellness in the dreary weather. Students can expect a similar experience to the previous PE class wellness day, but with a few different activities. 

“We have some crafts, we’re gonna have some coloring, picture frame making. We have some fun party games like snowman limbo, we’re gonna do a full meditation session, and students will rotate between all the different activities during PE,” says Kelly Venezia, guidance counselor and coordinator of many of the wellness events here at WHHS.

This time around, counseling interns will run activities. Venezia believes that “they’re the masterminds behind the project. They’re going to be in the gym the whole day, running the session, along with all of the gym teachers and one of the counselors.”

While this initiative is exciting for many, not all students will be able to participate. Venezia says, “It’s just for the PE classes, so, unfortunately, seniors are going to miss this one.”

Freshman Tyler Kuan believes that the last wellness Wednesday gym class was effective in relieving students’ stress. He says, “I am looking forward to having another PE period filled with wellness initiatives to make the school day feel more relaxed,” Kuan said. 

The Patriot Press recently took a poll of the student population, asking which wellness activity was most favored. While a majority opted for “nap time”, only two percent voted for crafts. Hopefully, this wellness activity will change the students’ minds.