Wayne Hills’ Winter Production; Chemical Imbalance


By Juliana Lee, Sophomore Editor

This year for Wayne Hills’ winter production, theatre members put a comedic twist on the classic Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. The two hour play follows the story of Henry Jekyll, a chemist with a passion to discover the evil alter egos he believes resides in all humans, conjuring a potion that allows his own wicked alter ego named Mr.Hyde to emerge. 

During the play, actor Dylan Misquita hilariously portrayed the difference between these two personalities. Dr.Jekyll, a renowned, intellectual, and timid character, suddenly becomes Mr.Hyde, a barbarian, psychopath, and a person who goes around popping children’s balloons. However, Dr.Jekyll was not the only star in this years’ production.

Henry’s mother Euphronia was played by Justine DeNicola, Henry’s sister Ambrosia was played by Ally Fierro, and Henry’s cousin Xavier Utterson was played by Chris Mezza.

The Jekyll household maid Ivy was played by Elizabeth Grant and the Jekylls’ chef Mrs.Plodgett was played by Maya Lozea.

Lady Throckmortonshire was played by Olivia Ramadas. Throckmortonshire’s twin daughters Calliope and Penelope were played by Jaein Han.

Henry’s potential fiance Rosamunda Dewthistle was played by Kendra Levendunsky. 

The town’s lieutenant was played by Ethan Thompson and the constable was played by Aidan Woodside.

The stage manager disguised as a housekeeper was Christina Silvestri, the assistant stage manager disguised as a butler was Ethan Thompson, the stage crew disguised as footmen were Frankie and Carlo Pistolesi.

All of these students did a wonderful job and contributed in bringing alive the story of Jekyll and Hyde in a comical and casual manner. 

We interviewed some of the actors to talk about their experience in this year’s production.

Dylan Misquita, a sophomore at Wayne Hills, commented, “This was the first time I did the drama because last year I only did the musical, but it was a really fun experience and I feel like the smaller cast allowed for more bonding between the cast members. Playing a major role was difficult, but our director and my cast mates guided and supported me a lot and I think that really helped with my performance. The performances from the whole cast were amazing as well, and being surrounded by so much talent was inspiring. Since the play was a comedy, delivery and timing were probably the most important aspects regarding the acting itself. It took a lot of work and a lot of late nights, but overall I think the play turned out really well. I’ve been hearing people say that they enjoyed it, and it makes me happy to know that all the effort the whole cast and crew put into this show was worth it.” 

Jaein Han, a sophomore at Wayne Hills, talked about her experience this year and one of her favorite memories. “I thought this year was so much fun I had a lot more friends in it than last year and the show was fun and everyone was super talented… I have a lot of good memories but I think my favorite is during the last show when Dylan messed up one of his lines that really wouldn’t have been noticeable to the audience but we made eye contact and both of us shared this connection of ‘that was not right and it’s hilarious’ and I almost burst from trying not to laugh onstage.”

All in all, the Wayne Hills Theater Program did a phenomenal job pulling off their winter production of Chemical Imbalance, with many already looking forward to their spring musical and next year’s fall drama.