The Improv Club at WHHS


Jade He

By Laura Lassen, Staff Writer

The Improv Club at WHHS is a club where students can relax, play improv games, and develop their acting skills by creating characters and scenes on the spot.

Under the direction of English and Theater Arts teacher Mr. Fleissner, President Olivia Ramadas, and Vice President Christina Silvestri, the club has about twenty students and takes place every Wednesday after school.

“[Improv] is a way to express yourself and it boosts your confidence in the acting field,” said Ramadas.

Each meeting typically consists of four improv games. The first is a warmup game where everyone is involved, the second and third are chosen by the students and involve around two to six people, and the last is called Freeze. Freeze, the most basic improv game, allows the participating students to create their own characters without a given scene or script.

A little over half of the Improv Club’s current members have prior acting experience. President Olivia Ramadas is making her fall drama debut this year in Chemical Imbalance, and Vice President Christina Silvestri is the stage manager. Both girls have also participated in the Spring musical since their freshman years.

The Improv Club is always welcoming new members. “You don’t need experience,” Ramadas said. “You can just come and see how we do things and then just participate.”