The New AirPods Pro

The New AirPods Pro

By Juliana Lee, Staff Writer

Apple has come out with another new item of tech again to amaze its customers. The Apple AirPods Pro have been available in all stores sinch October 30th, 2019 and are priced at $249. Millions of people have anticipated this new release and have lined up to purchase Apple’s latest technology. 

The bluetooth headphones come with new features that separate them from any other brand, especially the new noise-cancelling aspect, which tech reviewers have verified to work properly. The wireless headphones have new silicone tips that detach and can be switched out for different sizes that run as small, medium, and large. Customers can also check the fitting of each size of the headphones by running a fit-test that Apple has built into iPhones. The variety of sizes allow for better noise cancellation experience that is not offered with the original AirPods. The built-in multi-microphone system also helps to cut off outside noise and can be controlled within the phone. 

The controls have also changed from the original version of the headphones; tapping the sides of the original device would enable the user to skip songs or pause the music. Instead, this new version can be controlled by squeezing the force sensors located at the bottom part of the device.

Apple also offers a brilliant transparency mode that allows for users to be aware and hear their surroundings while still being able to listen to their music. This can help in situations such as safely walking in the city or having a conversation without pausing the music. 

Joy Lee, a sophomore at Wayne Hills, believes “that the new airpods are not only ugly in shape, but also provide less focus for students in school and class.” 

Nonetheless, although Apple always seems to have controversial opinions and reviews, it continues to remain a renowned and extremely influential company.