Philip Martino Excited to Join the Wayne Hills Family

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Philip Martino Excited to Join the Wayne Hills Family

By Angelo Aliotta and Naila Dasilva

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Wayne Hills High School welcomed a new teacher to its staff this year; Philip Martino joined the Wayne Hills community this past September as a Special Ed. chemistry teacher.

Prior to working at Wayne Hills, Martino taught at Teaneck middle school for 12 years, choosing to come to Wayne Hills for high school level teaching and more mature students.

“Working with middle school students would be hard at times,” Martino commented, “Coming to a high school, the maturity level is a bit higher and the students are great,” said Martino.

Martino always knew he wanted to be a special ed teacher and majored in special ed counseling in college. 

“Working with special ed. students is a bit of a challenge,” he said. “I wouldn’t say it’s more difficult than teaching a general class but, it’s at a much slower pace and it becomes more complex for the teacher.”

From the beginning, Martino preferred teaching special ed classes. We asked what was so unique about his job as a special ed teacher that differed from other general teachers.

“Figuring out any day is the same,” he responded, “Every day comes with new challenges.”

Martino’s experience with Wayne Hills so far has been positive. He explained how his first impression was that the staff members were nice and welcoming, as were the students.

“The environment here is great. It’s really a great school with some amazing people,” stated Martino.

The Wayne Hills community is looking forward to giving Mr. Martino a warm welcome at his new job in Wayne Hills!