Hills’ Video Morning Announcements Begin Production


By Chris Mezza, Staff Writer

Since 2014, the Wayne Hills T.V. class has been producing Video Morning Announcements to be played during homeroom.

This year the two main hosts are senior Anthony Gail and junior Grace Conturso. Gail also hosted the Video Morning Announcement’s last year, with Wayne Hills graduate Suha Cho.

Originally titled Wayne Hills School News, the Video Morning Announcements have covered a variety of topics to inform the school. These topics have included school sports, the fall drama, and spring musical, the weekly weather report, wellness week and many more.

Anthony Gail’s sister Veronica formerly hosted the VMA’s during her tenure at hills.

When asked why he decided to host the announcements, Gail stated that “I think that its fun to spread news to students and teachers, and I love the production aspect of it” 

Asking if his sister Veronica inspired him, Gail replied: “Yeah, I saw her do it and I thought it was really cool, so I tried out.”

Co-host Grace Conturso is excited about dressing up for a Halloween themed video morning announcement. She also hosted the T.V. II class’s show “272 Berdan” last year senior with Ben Kressaty.

The cast, crew and T.V. teacher James Hoogstrate are excited about this year’s series of videos and wish to improve them from years past, hoping to cover more topics that students will enjoy and to expand their interests.