Monmouth Medical Center Nurses Giving Patients Benadryl to “Ease” Night Shift


Monmouth Medical Center, located in Long Branch, New Jersey.

By Alexa Soroka, Editor

Members of the nursing staff at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch, New Jersey have been accused of giving patients Benadryl in order to make them fall asleep, as well as falsifying their medical records.

Patricia R. Moran, a long-time nurse at the Jersey Shore hospital, reported that her colleagues were giving the antihistamine to psychiatric patients in order to ease the troubles of working the night shift and not recording it on their medication history records.

Senior Derek Pepple believes that “the audacity of the nursing staff to drug their patients is morally wrong and violates the trust of the patients and their families.”

Surprisingly, instead of punishing the deceitful nurses, supervisor Clare Cinelli scrutinized the honest and morally sound Moran for reporting the behavior of her coworkers.

On Wednesday, Moran sued Cinelli after she acted in retaliation, taking extreme measures to justify firing Moran or forcing her to quit. The 31-year nurse lost time off her typical schedule, faced a random evaluation, and was ostricized by the other nurses.

Muhammad Hozien, Senior and trained EMT, shares that “the fact that the nurses’ supervisor was in on it makes it all the more disturbing. They are the ones who are supposed to be monitoring the nurses and making sure the hospital’s standards were being met and the nurses were staying within their scope of practice.”

In her lawsuit, Moran claimed that she was “subjected to immediate retaliation after she reported employees who intentionally disregarded patient safety standards and falsified patient medical records.”

As noted in her complaint, Moran’s career is now “destroyed and her reputation has been tarnished, all because she reported clear violations of hospital policy and patient safety issues.”

RWJBarnabas Health, the leader of Monmouth Medical Center, refused to comment directly on the allegations, however issued the following statement:

“Monmouth Medical Center is fully committed to providing a safe environment for our patients, visitors and staff.”

Hozien also commented that “RWJBarnabas is one of the largest and most elite hospital systems in the Northeast, so when they choose to not comment on the issue, that is a reason for suspicion.”