Oregon Ducks Player Tackles Rowdy Fan on the Field

By Lauren Reiser, Junior Editor

There was some unexpected action on Saturday night, October 5, during a third-quarter timeout at the Autzen Stadium in Eugene.

During the Oregon Ducks versus California Golden Bears game, Oregon’s running back Cyrus Habibi-Likio made an unexpected tackle with 6:01 left on the clock.

Habibi-Likio tackled a rowdy fan who ran onto the field, right past the Ducks’ huddle and even evaded a security guard. Seeing the troublemaking fan, Habibi-Likio sprinted 20-yards towards the fan and tackled him to the ground.

Although Habibi-Likio got loud cheers from the crowd, he said he felt bad about it and had just wanted to get the game restarted.

“We were down, and he was kind of taking a while — prayers out to him, I hope he’s not hurt,” Habibi-Likio told reporters after the game. “I had no intention of hurting him, we just need to get the game going.”

While the man has not been identified, the running back told reporters that if “he has Instagram or Twitter, you can follow me and message me and we can go get ice cream.”

The Ducks won versus the Golden Bears 17-7.

Junior Samantha Baghal thinks that “while the tackle was funny to watch, I hope the fan is not injured. If the running back had tackled him in full force, the fan could have been severely hurt.”

Click here to watch the unexpected tackle!