WHHS Receives a Much-Needed Make-Over


By Angelo Aliotta, Staff Writer

Wayne Hills recently received several improvements not only meant to enhance the school’s appearance but to make it more comfortable for its students.

The most notable change is at the main entrance, where the tile on the building has been removed and smoothed over with concrete, giving the school a  fresh new look. A new gazebo was also constructed on the front oval, which can be used by students before or after school. Both of these installations happened over the summer, along with new turf field.

In the hallways of WHHS, new TVs have been scattered around the school for everyone to see. These screens are used to communicate useful information to students and staff, such which day correlates to the block schedule.

New soccer nets were also added to the back of the school on the varsity field since the older nets were destroyed and falling apart.

“It’s nice to finally have new nets. Now we can take shots on goal and not worry about the ball flying out of the back of the net,” said senior Carlo Aliotta. 

The new block scheduling called for four new lunch kiosks to keep up with the lunch rush and feed everyone before the block ends.

“I think they’re useful. They definitely help with lunch and keeping the lines smaller,” said Rob Hughes, a sophomore.

Not only has Wayne Hills deserved these much needed updates, but the improvements also make the school environment more welcoming for its students and staff.