Students Settle In To Unit Lunch


By Mike Joyce and Maya Kachroo

Since the switch to block scheduling, the entire school eats lunch at one time; everyone has continuously asked the same question: Where can the students go?

Last year, if you looked at the front of the school you would see a very nice looking campus with lunch tables and benches. They were there for students to go sit at during lunch and enjoy their fresh air. 

As the school year has progressed, the lunch situation has seemed to improve overall. During the first few days, there were many concerns about whether there was enough space for everyone, and if everyone would be able to eat. 

But, now that some of the main issues have been addressed, students have a more positive outlook on how lunch is being conducted. We talked to some underclassmen to hear their perspective. 

“Even though it’s very crowded, I feel like we have more freedom to sit with whoever we want and go wherever we want during lunch,” says Emma Arango, freshman. 

“Lunch has definitely improved since the first day. Now that I’ve gotten used to how they are doing lunch this year, I think I like it better than last year,” adds Manuela Gonzalez, sophomore. 

Moving the tables to the back has opened up a lot more space for the students, and they have more freedom to move around throughout the school. Students can go to the library and to extra help at their leisure, and students are enjoying the new flexibility within the school. 

There is also talk of having activities during lunch, such as movies in the auditorium and sports outside. 

“I think that having activities in the school during lunch would be good during winter. When it’s cold and people are more tired, it’ll be fun to do activities that anyone can join in” states Becca Cohen, freshman. 

While there are many students with feeling better about lunch, there are still a few students that do not think it works well. A lot of students are against everyone eating together, because of the big crowds. 

“Honestly, it is overwhelming, I can’t always sit in the same seat, or even get a seat at all,” says Kahled Bahilwan.

Though there are some students that still feel negatively towards the new lunch period, the situation will hopefully continue to improve so that everyone can feel comfortable with the new schedule.