Danny Dimes: The New Face Of The New York Giants


By Isaiah Ahumada, sports writer

The New York Football Giants announced Daniel Jones as the new starting quarterback on Tuesday, September 17th.

The Giants lost big time to the Buffalo Bills. Falling to 0-2 for the season. Head coach, Pat Shurmur, thought that a change in the Qb positions had to be changed. Fans were not pleased, as well as former players. The Giants Defense has had opposing teams score 28 or more points, and many wide receivers are injured. Some fans believe that Eli Manning, former starting Qb, should have played more games before getting benched.

Daniel Jones was drafted in the first round, sixth overall by the Giants. NFL analyst and fans thought this was a huge mistake, mainly because Dwayne Haskins was still available. He did pretty well in the preseason. Playing 4 games and starting in the last one. He threw for 416 yards and 2 tds. Even though he played well it was still preseason. Two weekends ago, it was time for him to prove people wrong.

What did Daniel Jones do? Well he didn’t disappoint. Daniel Jones made his debut against the Tampa Bay Bucs. The Giants were down 18 points going into the second half. Saquon Barkley went down with an ankle injury. The Giants defense allowed the Bucs’ offense to score on every possession. Everything changed after the 1st half. Jones brought the Giants back from a 18- point deficit, with a rushing touchdown. The Giants wo1n 32-31 against the bucs, thanks to a missed field goal by Matt Gay.

Jones scored a total of 4 tds, 2 rushing and 2 passing. Throwing for 336 yards and rushing for 28 yards.

Aaron Hook, a senior at Wayne Hills, had this to say about the the new leader of the G-Men. “He is a guy who can do a lot of things well, he uses his legs to score on the ground and he can really throw the ball. His debut was exciting. Although I’m a Jets fan, I’m rooting for the kid. He seems like he has a bright future ahead of him.”

Jones struggled against the Redskins but fans are still optimistic about his upside.