WHHS Hosting Last Wellness Event: BBQ Day

WHHS Hosting Last Wellness Event: BBQ Day

By Alison Har and Nedeen Khashashina

WHHS Guidance Counselor Kelly Venezia is preparing for the final Wellness Wednesday of the year on June 12th. Student Assistant Coordinator (SAC) Donna King and Venezia are promoting it as “Social Wellness: Building Community Through Unity.”

They will be hosting a community BBQ during lunch periods 5,6, and 7 where they will set up lawn games outside. They are arranging performances by the choir, displays from art, photo and woodworking classes as well.

To participate in the BBQ, students will have to pre-purchase their lunch by buying tickets from the cafeteria staff. There will be a special healthy selection of food for the BBQ including grilled chicken and vegetables.

While the choir will be responsible for a performance during one of the lunch periods, the marketing team will help with creating and distributing the tickets and the photo and fabrication technology teachers will help with the art displays.

From bringing pets in as a means of reducing stress, to meditating, to creating stress balls, the school year of wellness comes to a close with the barbecue, which is what organizers are calling an excellent way to wrap up the regular Wednesday events of the year. As this is the final Wellness Wednesday of the year, the theme will be community wellness and students and staff will come together as a family and show support for one another.

“I think it is really important to address different kinds of wellness. I’ve been trying to connect to people in different ways throughout the past year with the “Wellness Wednesday” activities. This BBQ’s purpose is for social wellness and coming together as a good community,” said Venezia.  “We have a responsibility to be good humans at Wayne Hills,” she added.

“I am really excited for the BBQ and the community aspect of it; I think this is a good event for social wellness,” commented Junior Jada Daniels.

“This looks like it will be the best event of the year,” expressed Junior Melis Yazar.

“All the past events have been great and fun and I’m hoping for next year’s wellness Wednesdays to be even stronger,” says Junior Britney Balevski.