Rapper Nipsey Hussle Gunned Down Outside His Clothing Store in LA

Rapper Nipsey Hussle Gunned Down Outside His Clothing Store in LA

By Jason Sanfilippo and Jared Cohen

The Los Angeles made rapper known as Nipsey Hussle was killed on March 31, 2019, in South Los Angeles at age thirty-three.

Born as Ermias Joseph Asghedom, Hussle leaves behind longtime girlfriend Lauren London, the mother of his two children.

It is known that Hussle was deeply dedicated to his community, and wanted to work with police to end violence on the streets of Los Angeles.

He was shot outside of his clothing store, Marathon Clothing, near where he grew up. He was then rushed to the hospital where he ultimately passed away.

When talking to students at Wayne Hills, many seemed to not know who Nipsey Hussle was until he passed.

Senior Luka Buncic said, “I never really knew who he was, but once he died I obviously started to listen to his music, and I really like his newest song Racks in The Middle.”

Sophomore Nick Miller, and Juniors Dan Daly and Carter Lewis all said they never knew who Nipsey Hussle was until a few days ago.

Eric Holder, the man who allegedly gunned Hussle to death, has been arrested for his crime, which is thought to go back to Hussle’s youth when he was involved with gangs.

The bottom line is that an aspiring rapper and community man was killed for no real reason, and it is devastating to see this happen to such a tremendous young man.