Horror Movies Claw Their Way To The Top

By Bettina Rosario, Staff Writer

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Following the release of Us, the new horror film from Jordan Peel that grossed $70 million during its opening weekend last month, the Patriot Press decided to ask students what films would rank as their all-time favorite scary movies.

I really enjoyed the movie Us. I am a big fan of Jordan Peel’s work and I thought this movie was super enjoyable. Not only was it suspenseful but it was refreshingly creepy. The movie had a lot of undertones that could be left for interpretation, and I believe it made you think about your inner fears. It also had a great twist which will leave the audience discussing the movie long after it’s over,” Connor Tarpey, a senior of Wayne Hills, said.

Created by Georges Melies, the first horror movie, Le Manoir Du Diable, dates all the way back to the year 1896 and was moving photography of people and a ghost. Famous horror movies include A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Silence Of The Lambs, Poltergeist, Hellraiser, Orphan, Insidious, and many more. Horror movies range from something physical, like a serial killer, to something mental like a psychological game played on those in the movies and the viewers.

However, just as horrifying as scary movies can be, they can also be disturbing, which adds a strange twist that has those who are fearless squirm in their chairs from queasy and gut-wrenching scenes. A perfect example of a movie like this would be The Exorcist, where there is an infamous scene of Regan spinning her head 360 degrees as well as other gory scenes throughout the film.

Many horror movies are said to have strange things happen on set from missing cast members to strange deaths of those working in the film to paranormal activity throughout the set. Movies that have gone through these conspiracies include The Exorcist, The Poltergeist, and The Mummy’s Curse. Horror movies also have a targeted theme from demons and possessions to wendigos eating people and chasing them throughout a cave–almost anything can be made horrifying!

“I like Scream and my favorite scene is the opening scene with the phone call,” said Jenna Nelson, a senior interested in horror movies. “I am not frightened because I know that most of the things that happen are not real.”

The film studies teacher, Mr. Jacobson, also shared his view on horror movies. “That’s a  tough one because I can’t really–Is there a horror movie I actually like? I’ll say Nightmare on Elm Street. My favorite scene is when Johnny Depp gets killed on the bed and the blood splatters onto the ceiling, it’s from the dream sequence.” Some viewers aren’t necessarily scared of the gore and events that take place, just sickened by it, Mr. Jacobson being the perfect example. “I’m not afraid but I get grossed out by gore, I don’t like blood.”