Odell Traded Out Of New York

Odell Traded Out Of New York

By Isaiah Ahumada, staff writer

Odell Beckham Jr., is no longer a New York Giant. He was traded to the Browns for a first round pick (17), third round pick (85), and Jabrill Peppers as of last week. Is it a good move or bad move?

Beckham is 26 years old and has been in the League for 5 years. In that time Beckham has been elected to 3-pro bowls, he has been elected to 1st team all-pro in his rookie year. Beckham is an elite receiver and can catch any ball. He is a spectacular performer that can stir some electrifying plays time Odell signed a 5 year, $90 million extension with the Giants this past summer. Evan thought he signed this major contract, many teams still reached out to the Giants to trade for Beckham. David Gettleman, the GM of the Giants, repeatedly said “We didn’t sign Odell just to trade him.”

Giants fans are furious and shocked. The Giants let safety, Landon Collins walk, and traded away their entire defense. Odell is a generational talent, but his actions off the field is a possible reason why the Giants traded him to the Browns. He was a distraction on the sideline, he threw many tantrums and was involved in a few scandals. Another reason is that he is a bit injury prone. Beckham has missed a total of 21 games. Dealing with either his hamstring or ankle, which could be bad.

It seems that the Giants are in rebuild mode now. The Giants still have their rookie sensation Saquon Barkley. Maybe this is better option for New York and Odell Beckham Jr., the franchise and Beckham now have a chance to start over. This time Odell will have young QB, Baker Mayfield, throwing to him. Most Importantly he gets to play with college buddy Jarvis Landry.

Avery Torres said “The Giants made a big mistake, they should’ve gotten more for an excellent player like OBJ.”

The Giants gained 2 draft picks which will provide them with a total of 12 draft picks this upcoming year. The trade has been done and there is no going back. Giants fans shouldn’t worry. Browns won the trade currently but Giants can change that in the near future if they draft well. A new era has begun.