Warriors’ Road to a Three-peat


By Matt Mangibin, Staff Writer

The Warriors have experienced some ups and downs throughout the season. With the playoffs coming around, they hope to go to the finals and win another title. However, there have been some upsets with other teams playing against the Warriors, yet Steve Kerr’s message to the team remained consistent about going to the finals.

Steve Kerr knows that it will be hard to go for a three-peat due to the fact that many teams are improving and it could be anyone’s game. Even though it might be hard to go for a three-peat, running an all-star lineup is pretty easy for him. There’s a mix of hardships and glories for the Warriors, but they have to stay put. If they don’t stay solid or grow weary for one second, one of the teams will take advantage of it and perhaps eliminate the Warriors of the playoffs.

“When you go through the difficulty, it makes things that much sweeter in the end,” Kerr said. “And so it’s not just the idea of getting a ring, hanging a banner. It’s the memory of all that went into it. You put a lot of effort in to achieve that. And it’s a lot more than a ring or a banner signifies. It’s what you know you had to endure.”

It is not all gloomy for Warriors fans or for the team either. This summer, there will be free agency and many all-stars will be up for grabs. If they go for other all-stars, it will be hard on who will get paid more and who will start. The starting line-up has been solid for them, but imagine adding more players like Kyrie or Davis.

There has been rumors about Durant leaving the Warriors for the Knicks, yet he neither confirmed nor denied any rumors. These rumors, however, was only adding to the drama, which is probably why they have been losing some games. Few weeks ago, there has been some drama between Draymond Green and Durant. The growing frustrations is what is holding them back. Of course, they resolved like how teammates should.

Just on Sunday, the Warriors blew a lead against the Suns, with a record of 16-52. After Durant left the game early with an ankle injury, Thompson said after the game that the group needed more support from the Oracle crowd. But all of those things were overshadowed by a clip from the end of the game that quickly went viral of Kerr saying he is “so f—ing tired of Draymond’s s—.”

Kerr and his players discussed on how it’s a grind to another title, even though there are rumors and public distractions. Curry remains confident with the team still.

“We’re champions, man,” Curry said. “We got to keep the right perspective about where we are. We’re not going to win a championship right now in March, but the fact that we’re not happy with how we’re playing and yet we care about that … is why you walk in the locker room and the vibe was the way it was. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and when we don’t get there and don’t play that way it’s not a good feeling.”

It may look grim for the Warriors and fans, but it is not all over. The team believes that they still have what it takes to go for another championship.

Billy Busacca, a Wayne Hills junior, said that the “Warriors are only bad in the season, but when they hit the playoffs, they’ll win all of their games.”

It is still pretty obvious that many people believe that the Warriors are winning it all again this year, but there are other teams that are highly matched with them. Who knows, maybe the Warriors will pull another win out of the pocket. Maybe another team like the Bucks will take it this year. There are a lot of contenders in the NBA, not just the Warriors.