Senior Fashion Show Draws Stellar Reviews From Students


By Jared Cohen, Staff Writer

The WHHS Fashion Show took place Tuesday, March 5 at The Venetian in Garfield where seniors had the opportunity to dress in their favorite outfits and also rep some college apparel.

The show was held in part as a fundraiser to offset some of the costs of project graduation.

As part of the show, Hills Seniors walked up and down the runway in their fancy tuxedos in dresses with a date/friend of their choosing.

After this, the Seniors put on some college apparel of a college of their choosing and made another trip up and down the runway.

Seniors felt as if this night was a great time and are looking forward to prom at the end of May.

“I enjoyed the overall experience,” Dan Choi said adding “It was beyond my expectation and was a great and also bitter time because it was a reminder that my friends and I will all be leaving for college soon.”

“The fashion show was something that was just a fun night of bonding for the seniors as one of the last things we do as a class together,” said Nebi Ademi who saw this night similarly.

The Senior class still has Prom, the Senior Trip, and graduation/project graduation to look forward to before they move on to college in August/September.