Alex Trebek Announces Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

By Noah Kaplan, Staff Writer

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Alex Trebek, the host of the popular game ABC game show Jeopardy!, has announced that he has stage four pancreatic cancer.

To many Jeopardy! fans across the country and at WHHS, the news is absolutely devastating, as Trebek has been hosting the show since its start in 1984.

“I was so upset when I heard the news,” said Junior Ilona Margolin. “I love [Trebek] he’s so funny.”

However, despite the negative outlook on his condition, Trebek said he will continue to keep working. Trebek is maintaining a positive outlook and said “with the love and support of my family and friends, and with the help of [America’s] prayers, I plan to beat the low survival rates.”

“I was really sad when I heard the news,” commented Sophomore Jenna Ettman. “I watch Jeopardy with my family almost every night. It’s like a tradition. I can’t imagine what the show would be without him.”



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