Sprack Season Is On Its Way

By Bettina Rosario, Staff Writer

Wayne Hills High School has always had spring track as one of its main sports where many newcomers and returners join. The first meeting was on February 19th and the first practice will be held on the 4th of March.

Spring Track has always been known to have especially difficult workouts during the first two months of the sport to weed out those who may not want to stay and cannot meet the demands of the sport and the coaches. “They’re [the practices] very hard and it’s constant running, working out, and throwing. For doing this for four years, it’s still just as hard as it was when I was a freshman. I know it’s to make us better though, especially when the coaches know you, they expect more out of you if you’ve done so well,” says senior Bryanna Rosario, a sprinter for the 100m and 200m, sprint relays, and mid-distance relay, and thrower for discus and javelin.

“Sprack,” as many of the students who partake in the sport call it, has many events to offer from sprinting to throwing to jumping. Throwing events are javelin, discus, and shot put. Runners can participate in sprinting, distance, and hurdling. The jumping events are high jump, long jump, triple jump, and pole vaulting, and these events allow many students to try something they may really enjoy.

“Practices have so much involved in it. You would think we would do just about the same thing every day but we tend to always have something new to work on as a team. We have a couple of team exercises. Practices have always been fun to me even on the hardest days,” says Thomas Graham, a hurdler and sprinter for the 110m hurdles, 200m sprint, 400m sprint and occasionally, the 100m.

Spring track has been the start of new friendships, relationships, good memories and times packed together with teamwork put into relays and individual parts of the meet. “I love the sport and the competition and the adrenaline rush when you’re about to run and, I guess, throw. I like running more because all the attention is on me. And as for the team, […] [t]hey support you and push you to do better and if you’re falling behind, they will literally push you forward, grab your hands and pull you forward just so you can finish. There’s lots of sportsmanship on the team,” says the sprinting twin.

Sprack always offers new memories to those who would like to give the sport a shot.”I love track. The meets are always so much fun and you’d be surprised to find out that track has so much sportsmanship and positivity in it. The amount of conversations and just friendly encounters I came across with other team members is quite more than I’d ever think. Nothing like your football game. We have great coaches and we always are working as a team. I also love how everyone gets their chance to shine in track as there are so many different things to do and run,” adds Tommy.

The throwing team is always in need of new throwers and this year, many seniors will be saying goodbye to their sprack family as they graduate and get ready for college. However, the memories of those who once took part in the sport never seem to fade away. When asked about her memories on the track team, Bryanna Rosario recalled a relay race where she caught up to the runner in front of her even when her team had been falling behind. “I got this rush of adrenaline and I just ran for it. So, I’m coming up right behind her- super fast- and two feet before she can cross that finish line, I go right through and beat her. I’ll just never forget how she had more than a half of the track ahead of me and I was still at the starting line but I managed to run past […] I’ll just never forget everyone cheering for me and pushing me.”

When asked about his favorite memories, Thomas Graham said, “Oh, definitely meeting my girlfriend or when I won that medal for her. When I first met her it was both funny but also life-changing. I think track leads to a lot of great things and a lot of great encounters in this wonderful environment. You’ll make a lot of great memories.”

The track team is always looking for new runners, jumpers, and throwers to compete, and everyone should consider joining the team this Spring.