Antonio Brown Era Over With The Steelers


By Isaiah Ahumada, staff writer

Steeler’s star wide receiver, Antonio Brown, met with owner, Art Rooney, on Thursday 19. Both Brown and Rooney mutually agreed that a trade is the best option for the Steelers.

Antonio has had differences with the Steeler’s organization this season. There are many speculated reason why there is a split between Brown and the organization. Starting with disagreeing with Ben Roethlisberger to arguing with Head Coach, Mike Tomlin. Now the Steelers are going to trade Antonio Brown. But to who?

Many speculate that 49ers and Cardinals because they have the top draft picks. If they were to trade with those teams The Steelers would possibly get a franchise player. This is a defensive heavy draft. This is great because The Steelers are known for their great drafted defensive legends. Colts and Jets could also be involved due to the fact that they have the most cap space. Brown is looking for a lot of money, and The Colts and Jets are the two teams that can give him the most. This week there has been plenty of hype that Green Bay could be in talks with the Steelers. The thought of Antonio Brown and Aaron Rodgers is pretty exciting. Rodgers already has a star wide receiver, Davante Adams. Brown would be another weapon in Aaron Rodgers arsenal. The Packers passing offense would be hard to stop.

“Antonio Brown is being traded only because of his selfishness, on that note he will be traded to the Green Bay Packers” stated Nick Lucarello, when asked about the situation.

Antonio Brown says he wants to be on a team where he could shine even more. Brown already had the most touchdowns this season, over a 1,000 yards, and over 100 receptions. Brown is the only receiver to record over 100 receptions in 5 or more seasons in a row. Yes his stats are impressive but a concern is his age and attitude. Brown will approach 31 years of age this year. And his actions with the Steelers organization makes him seem as a diva. However Brown is still a great player and whoever picks him up will gladly be Thrilled.