Mysterious Radio Waves From Deep Space


By Bettina Rosario, Staff Writer

Recently last month, astronomers picked up signals in deep space with a telescope in Canada after studying and trying to find life from other planets besides our own.

The exact location of the radio wave was not found and is still in question. There were 13 fast, unusual radio bursts that are known as FRBs, or “Flashes of Radio Waves,” and they were said to come from 1.5 billion light years away. The 13 signals then repeated after that, which the telescope recorded. An event like this has only happened one other time but from a different telescope. A second repeater was then discovered, which is very similar to the first.

As far as the population is concerned, scientists have discovered sixty single fast radio waves and only two that were repeated. Scientists believe that there could be approximately a thousand FRBs in the sky every day. Theories of what is causing the FRBs range from a star with a strong magnetic field spinning so fast to two stars merging together and everyone’s favorite, some sort of advanced alien communication either directly to us or to another spaceship.

“Some other life form on a different planet. I wouldn’t call them aliens though because they could be just like us,” said Thomas Graham, a sophomore at WHHS. “I could go for the theory and I feel like there are different worlds out there with other life forms and it’s not just our galaxy. I think it’s up to your own opinion and I think I would like to believe that because it’s a cool concept to think about. Like, out of the big bang and how we were created, there’s a possibility that there’s another world like our own and that’s a cool concept to think of.”

“I’m pro for life in space because I don’t have the right to say there can’t be other living species out in the universe. It’s inevitable. One way or another there will be life in space and it won’t just be humans or animals. So really if you think about it, who are we to say we can’t have other human species in the galaxy,” said senior Alecs Rivera.

Many people are uneasy about the subject of other life in our galaxy, especially if we don’t know who they are and what they want. For all we know, they could be looking for a new home to destroy since they’ve already ruined ours. Or perhaps they are trying to make peace with us and find allies beyond their world. “You know, I find that pretty cool and I wanna find them. And when I find them I wanna know how far they advanced compared to us and how much different they are and how many different things they have. It would be like a cool, giant adventure into a whole new world,” Thomas Graham added.