Valentine’s Day Is Around The Corner


By Bettina Rosario, Staff Writer

Every year on February 14th,  close friends, couples, and families celebrate the day of love known as Valentine’s Day.

Celebrations occur at homes or at restaurants to show love and appreciation for one another.

Valentine’s Day is a day that people either look forward to, are indifferent with, or absolutely can’t stand. Most of the time being that they are single and have no one to spend the day with.

But even then, Valentine’s Day isn’t strictly for couples only. Valentine’s Day can be used to show appreciation towards friends who have always been by your side or just a day to eat chocolate for fun.

It is a good idea to have this day reserved for love since the world is always in need of it.

Even then, people still hate on the holiday and what was supposed to be heart-warming and positive is beaten down by those who put up a sour expression.

However, some like Michael Weglinski, a senior, dislike the holiday for a better reason.

“I mean, I kind of dislike it because it shouldn’t be one day you show your love to someone. It should be an everyday thing where you love them and support them.”

This special day is a way to get free chocolate, show appreciation for one another, and care for those you have always adored or are thankful for.

Even though the day is associated with couples and love, for those of us who remain single, think of all the money you’re saving just by not buying chocolates or flowers. Nothing much to be sour about if your not spending money, right? There is no pressure on everyone being cute and looking cute on the day, as well.

“I think they should accept that they don’t have to be with someone.” Jess Pellegrino, a senior, inputs.

“At the end of the day, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.” says a sophomore, Jakob Hablitz.