Jets Filling in Their Coaching Staff


Jets new head coach Adam Gase during his time with the Miami Dolphins.

By Jack Woodard, Sports Editor

After firing Todd Bowles, almost immediately after the season ended, the New York Jets and CEO Christopher Johnson have been going to work trying to fill in their coaching vacancies.  The Jets are making moves that fans either love or hate (and Jets fans tend to have very strong opinions after 50 years of misery) and have filled in every major position.

On January 11, 2019, the Jets announced that they would be hiring Adam Gase as their 19th head coach in franchise history.  This received a lot of comments from the fanbase all over social media. Many fans were upset as they were expecting the Jets to hire Mike McCarthy, former Packers head coach.  McCarthy had even said that the Jets were the only team that he wanted to coach next. However, McCarthy’s style simply would not fit in with the Jets. He is too simple and hs had Aaron Rodgers all these years.  It just would not have worked out. The Jets made a bold move in hiring Adam Gase, who is 40 years old, and are taking a chance. The reward could be amazing. Gase has previously coached Peyton Manning and ran very complex offensive schemes that usually worked.  People are criticizing him for not winning in Miami, but he had the injury prone Ryan Tannehill as quarterback. Other starters for him included an old Jay Cutler and Matt Moore. When Tannehill was healthy the Dolphins did pretty well. He also got that mediocre team to compete for playoff spots almost every year and that is a real accomplishment.  Gase’s personality might clash a little with the Jets, however (and no, I am not talking about his bulging eye movements during his press conference). Gase is known to be very strict with his players and this could clash with personalities like Robby Anderson, Jamal Adams, and Isaiah Crowell. Despite that, Gase was the right hire for this Jets team desperately seeking a change.  He should be able to mold Sam Darnold who showed his great potential the last couple weeks of the season. Gase will expect to win and he must as Jets fans are growing tired of the same old Jets.

The Jets also added Gregg Williams as their defensive coordinator and he is used to winning.  Williams won a Super Bowl with the Saints and is a very aggressive defensive mind. He is known for putting a lot of pressure on the quarterback and the Jets linebackers will have to get used to running his 4-3 scheme.  Williams was most recently the interim head coach for the Browns and there was no lack of effort out in Cleveland. The team went 5-3 under him and came to play every game. Williams has some work to do with the Jets, as their cornerbacks and edge rushers are weak, but he is certainly capable of getting the job done.

The Jets also hired one of Adam Gase’s guys in new offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains.  Loggains was the offensive coordinator for the Bears in one of Jay Cutler’s best seasons and also served as an offensive coordinator under Gase in Miami.  Loggains has Sam Darnold to work with and if he gets him to where he can be, this offense could be fun to watch.

The Jets also retained special teams coordinator Brant Boyer in that position.  The Jets special teams were stellar this year as Jason Myers was arguably the best kicker in the league, Andre Roberts was clearly the most explosive return man in the league, and punter Lachlan Edwards was consistent throughout the season.  Boyer was one of the few coaches that Jets fans were happy with last year and they are certainly happy to hang on to him.

“I like the hiring of Adam Gase.  He’s young and his offenses are explosive.  He actually has some real talent to work with now in Sam Darnold and if the two of them get in a rhythm, there will be no stopping this team.  I like the hire of Gregg Williams because his fiery personality will get this defense ready to play hard every game. I do not know much about Loggains but I know he has experience working under Gase, which is good.  Obviously, us keeping Boyer was a great move as well. Christopher Johnson did a great job here but now he and Maccagnan will need to win this draft also,” said junior Jets fan Aaron Khodarkovsky.