Nike Self-Lacing Shoe Set To Hit Market


By Jared Cohen, Staff Writer

Nike has recently unveiled their newest controversial sneaker, and there’s an interesting catch to this one.

Nike’s new shoe is self-lacing through an app. This shoe is a new and improved version of the Nike Hyperadapt 1.0. This idea may seem very interesting, but there are some concerns with the shoe.

The shoe laces through an app that requires data or Wi-Fi, which begs the question of what happens when there is no Wi-Fi or data?

The shoe will retail for $350, which is not a crazy price for a new Nike product.

Jayson Tatum recently wore these self-lacing shoes in an NBA game against the Toronto Raptors. While these shoes have made it to the NBA, they have not yet made it to WHHS.

Senior Tomasz Pasciak said he would buy these shoes. “If they aren’t too expensive and look good, I would buy them because I’m too lazy to tie my shoes.”

Senior Marcus Brenes has some concerns about the shoe. Marcus has hinted that he would not buy these shoes because he “wants more support for [his] feet and ankle stability than the self-lacing shoe will offer.”

Freshman Ben Friedman said, “I would love to buy the shoe, it’s sick!”

While this shoe seems very cool on the surface, only time will tell how profitable it will be.