Coachella 2019 – Ariana Grande Replaces Kanye West


Ariana Grande performing at Coachella as surprise appearance in 2018.

By Alison Har, Staff Writer

Many musicians and artists perform at Coachella each year, but Kanye West, who held a headliner position, backed out and will not perform this year after claiming that the stage is too small. Ariana Grande has taken his place at Coachella.

Coachella Valley Music and Arts is one of the largest and most popular annual festivals among young adults who love music. The two-weekend event takes place in Indio, California from April 12th to April 21st.

Ariana Grande will become the fourth female in history to headline at Coachella and the youngest artist to ever headline at 25. Childish Gambino and Tame Impala will be the other two headliners.

Grande is incredibly favored nationally and even internationally. Her songs lead Billboard, iTunes, Spotify, and more. Her most recent hit is “thank u, next” which is No. 2 on Billboard and has recently broken a Spotify record.

“I think she deserves this because she has been working hard this year and she has proved her abilities and talent as an artist. Although Kanye is as famous and loved, it was himself who denounced Coachella’s stage setup, so it is right that he does not perform,” said junior Jihyun Paik when asked if Grande deserves to headline after Kanye dropping out and all the praise that comes with it.

The global pop star has been thriving in the music industry and continues to gain success and popularity.