The Patriot Press Announces New Podcast

The Patriot Press Announces New Podcast

By Noah Kaplan, Staff Writer

The Wayne Hills Patriot Press is starting their very own podcast called “The Patriot Podcast”. The podcast will consist of Seniors Dylan Orren-King, Jared Cohen, Jason Sanfilippo, Bettina Rosario, and Sophomore Kendra Levendusky, who are all students in Mrs. Del Moro’s Journalism class. In addition, there will be some special guests, such as teachers and students, there to share their opinions as well.

“Since I am a big fan of podcasts, and I listen to them all the time, I thought it would be great for our class to collaborate on their very own,” said Journalism teacher Donna Del Moro.

While Del Moro is the adviser to the Patriot Press, the inspiration for the podcast itself actually came from Senior Dylan Orren-King.

After scrolling through the Patriot Press and finding an empty section for podcasts, Orren-King simply  thought “Well, if we can have a podcast on the set why don’t we?” Thus, the podcast idea was born.

Sophomore Kendra Levendusky said “I wanted to do the podcast because I enjoy discussing my opinions on various topics and I am pretty opinionated so I think I could give a decently educated perspective on the topic.”

Another Staff Writer of the Patriot Press, Senior Jason Sanfilippo, wanted to do the podcast because “podcasts are fun and I thought it would be really cool to work on one.”

The editing staff is excited for the podcast as well. Senior Editor Jenna Sundel said ¨I think the podcast will be a fun experience for the participants and will interest Wayne Hills students because it will discuss topics that they can relate to¨

As for what the podcast will cover, Orren-King says they will report on “anything that affects things students actively in Wayne Hills and not only discuss them, but debate them as well.”

The first Patriot Podcast, which will discuss ‘juuling’ in WHHS will debut in two weeks.