MLB Hot Stove: Harper and Machado Yet to Make a Move

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MLB Hot Stove: Harper and Machado Yet to Make a Move

By Jason Sanfilippo, Staff Writer

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With about 35 days until the 2019 MLB Spring Training, one question still holds true this off-season. Where will former National League  MVP Bryce Harper be playing in 2019?


But wait, there’s another question that still holds true for 2019 as well. Where will superstar Manny Machado be playing in 2019 as well?


The two all stars have been the headline of the entire off-season and the baseball world is just waiting to see where they land.


Machado has been more clear about where he may end up. He narrowed his top three teams to the New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, and Chicago White Sox; in no specific order. The 26 year old is seeking a long term contract that is around $400 million.


Harper on the other hand has not been clear about where his interests are. There had been multiple reports that he is receiving interest from the Phillies as well as the Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers, and reports also have been made that the Yankees are not totally against the idea of bringing in the 26 year old. He has already turned down a $300 million offer to return back to the Washington Nationals. Harper is also looking for a long term deal roughly around $400 million.


When asked about where he thinks Machado and Harper will sign, senior baseball player and avid MLB follower Louis D’Agati responded saying, “I think Manny Machado will end up in the Bronx (NYY)-it is simply where the extended interest is mutual. This is not good at all for Yankees fans regardless of his talent because his attitude and disrespect towards others and the game. On the other hand, I see Bryce Harper ending up in Chicago (Cubs) with his childhood friend Kris Bryant; he’s been waiting to meet up with him forever now”.


The baseball world is on the edge of their seat wondering what uniform these two stars will be dressed in 2019.

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