Colleges Creep Up And Lunge At Seniors

By Bettina Rosario

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As we reach the middle of the school year at Wayne Hills, students anxious for a new start at their selected university wait to receive letters of acceptance. 

College offers many things to newbies such as clubs, fraternities and sororities, new experiences, and people to meet along the way.

Although applying for colleges may be stressful and take up time that can be spent doing homework and hanging out with friends, it is the best choice to get it out of the way as soon as possible, that way you have more of a chance of getting into the school of your dreams- that is- if your grades qualify.

“I only applied to one college and it’s PCTI, I haven’t heard from them yet. I look forward to learning more about the major that I plan on going into.” Said Alecs, Rivera, a senior of Wayne Hills. “I only applied to my number one school and got accepted, Kean University. I’m looking forward to the campus and the dorms, they just got new suite style dorms for the freshmen. I’ll be studying interactive Advertising in the Graphic Design section. I hope I can get some access to some companies for internships.” Gina Fata, another senior of Wayne Hills inputted. Most students want to be teachers or join the technology field, however, Alecs is going for a different job. “An LPN, Licensed Practical Nurse. Then, after that, I’m going to go to college again to become an RN, then hopefully get a BSN. I’m hoping that I do well once I’m in college. There is a lot of pressure in the major that I’m going into because of my future career and because of my family.”


Even though high school is known, for some people, to be the best years of their life, they should also consider taking their future more seriously. “Some advice I would give is that they should strive to get good grades because that’s one way of getting into college really easily. To think about the colleges you want to go into. To plan what future career you want to get into.” However, even then, colleges may not be right for some students who will leave the school soon when their time comes. “I would say that you should try to figure out what you want to do so you don’t waste your time in college and stressing out. Also, I think you shouldn’t be forced into college if it isn’t for you. As long as you can do what you love and be successful you don’t always need college for that.” Gina opened eyes around her as college isn’t always the first thing on everyone’s mind. “I’ll miss the teachers and how laid back everything is compared to other places. Bing bang boom.”