College Football Playoff Preview

College Football Playoff Preview

By Jared Cohen and Jason Sanfilippo

With the new year fastly approaching, the College Football Playoff is right around the corner.

The playoff match-up consists of the University of Alabama and Oklahoma University in the Cotton Bowl. On the other side of the bracket is Clemson University and Notre Dame University facing off in the Orange Bowl. These games are scheduled to be played December 29th and the final is slated to be played on January 7th, 2019.

The committee has caught some heat by leaving the Georgia University Bulldogs out of the playoff as well as The Ohio State University Buckeyes.

History Teacher Robert Hittinger III believes that the winner of the Cotton Bowl between ‘Bama and OU will win the National Championship. He says, “I think the outcome of the Alabama game will depend on the health of Tua and if OU can force Alabama to make a turnover or two”.

Senior Nebi Ademi gave his input on who will take home the College Football Playoff. “Clemson is going to win it all. They will beat Alabama in the finals”.

One thing is for certain, these games will be extremely entertaining and for viewer’s sake, will hopefully go down in history. Something along the lines of the 54-51 NFL thriller between the Chiefs and Rams played would be an amazing game to watch.

The future remains to be seen, but hopefully, this year’s College Football Playoffs will produce some games that will go down in the books.