2018 Holiday Gift Guide for All


By Allison Har and Nedeen Khashashina

As the holiday season approaches, the process of thinking about the “perfect gift” can often be pretty stressful. Hence, the following Holiday Gift Guide is to help inspire gift ideas one can give to anyone from a teacher to a loved one.

Home design gifts are not only a great way to warm up or add some decorative details to a friend or loved one’s house but are also a safer alternative to many gifts. What is wrong with giving someone a bed layer or picture frame? Some other options include candles, art portraits, mugs, coasters, or even decorative pillows.

For technology lovers, a tech gift such as a new phone, computer, or a smartwatch is an excellent way to show appreciation for that person. While a little expensive, the person’s happiness and appreciation are typically ensured with gifts like a drone, iPhone lens, digital pet sitter, video games, airports, speakers, or chargers.

“I would love to receive a new iPad or even a new charger for Christmas if I celebrated,” commented Junior Aseel Dabour.

In addition to a nice tech gift, board games are wonderful gifts for families and friends to enjoy during the holiday season. Many great and popular board games include chess, monopoly, scrabble, risk, settlers of the Catan, Uno, or any puzzle.

Cooking gifts are essential to everyone’s day to day basis. It is a necessity and can surely glamor up their cooking style and dishes. Some cooking gifts include a cookbook, a juice blender, a mixer, and a personalized menu planner.

Self-care is a necessity to one’s everyday routine. It is important to take a day off for yourself to relax and recharge. If your loved one tends to forget the importance of their mental and physical health, then a self-care gift may be perfect for them. Self-care gifts include facial masks, robes, natural oil essentials, massagers, and fragrances.

For the fashion lovers, the latest clothing lines, purses, and accessories would put a smile on their face. Earrings, sunglasses, boots, formal attire, scarves, necklaces, and even a transparent bag for the new rule in many entrances are lovely.

“I really would like to receive a new saxophone from my parents because I’ve had my old one for too long,” says Junior Alexander Vallarta. Aside from any of the suggested gift ideas, instruments are a great gift to any musician.

The holiday season’s just beginning, so get your shopping lists ready and go look for the perfect gifts for the important people in your lives!