Le’ Veon Bell Potential Landing Spots


By Isaiah Ahumada, Staff Writer

Le’Veon Bell might be seen wearing a different uniform by the start of next year’s NFL season, after not reporting to sign his franchise tag deadline as of Tuesday, November 13.

Le’Veon Bell hasn’t played a game since the Pittsburgh Steelers playoff game against the Jacksonville Jaguars that took place on January 14. Since then Bell has held out from reporting to the Steelers during summer training and preseason. Bell wanted a major contract to secure his future just in case he were to get injured.

Le’Veon Bell was one of the top 3 running backs in the league. Bell had the third most rushing yards, touchdowns, and rushing yards per game in the league last year. He is unlikely to return to the Steelers. So what team will he join this offseason?  Let’s break down the potential candidates.

New York Jets- For any Jets fans this would be great news. The Jets have plenty of money to spend due to their huge cap space. They can give Le’Veon Bell the money he is asking for. The Jets have a young quarterback in Sam Darnold. If the Jets were to land Le’Veon Bell, he would be a great weapon to their offense. Bell could take some pressure off of Sam Darnold. Bell would be great in the run game and passing game. And just to point out the Jets have a great defense to work with. So why not?

Houston Texans-  The Texans have an amazing offense already. They have a good mobile quarterback in Deshaun Watson and a star wide receiver in Deandre Hopkins.   The Texans have been lacking a star running back and adding Le’Veon Bell would just make this offense extremely good.

Oakland Raiders- The Raiders are not the same team from two years ago when they made the playoffs. The organization made huge changes. The team’s new head coach is Jon Gruden and their star defensive player Khalil Mack, was traded to the Chicago Bears. They’ve traded a few of their other players for draft picks as well. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if they were to  make an unexpected move. They are definitely rebuilding. Bell would be a great start to rebuilding their offense.

Indianapolis Colts- Indianapolis is projected to receive $125 million in cap space this year. They have plenty of money to spend on Bell. The Colts already have an elite quarterback in Andrew Luck. It helps to know that the Colts offensive line has improved tremendously. The Colts already have a great offense with Luck, so with Bell it will make their offense even better.

San Francisco 49ers- The 49ers are also in rebuilding mode. They traded for young Qb Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots last season. They paid Garoppolo tons of money, making him one of the top paid quarterbacks in the NFL. Who says they can’t pay Le’Veon Bell the money he is asking for? Adding a star running back would take some pressure off Garoppolo. With Kyle Shanahan as head coach, this offense can be pretty solid with another weapon.

Junior football fan Nick Lucarello stated “He’s going to the Colts, the Ravens, or Green Bay.  Those are my top teams”

No one knows what Bell is thinking. The most we hear from him is on Twitter, but he doesn’t give many hints. What decision will he make? We don’t know. Only time will tell.