Career Exploration Day Preview

Career Exploration Day Preview

By Nedeen Khashashina, Staff Writer

The WHHS counseling department is planning a Career Exploration Day Panel for Tuesday, December 4, 2018 from 8:12 am to 10:26 am in the WHHS auditorium. The panel will take place during periods 2, 3, and 4 and students grades 10-12 will be called down from their classes to attend.

Counselors intend to educate and enlighten students upon the vast career options that await them. The panel will include 4 different people, each representing a different career cluster; these include Business and Management, Engineering, Healthcare, and the Arts.

“What I wanted to do was present different perspectives,” commented WHHS Counselor, Bruce Keogh. For example, a certified public accountant will speak about her career in the Business and Management field and a nurse practitioner will talk about her job in the Healthcare department. An electrical engineer will also come in and speak about his career in the Engineering field as well as the owner of the Rhino Theater in Pompton Lakes, who will represent the Arts field.

Each presenter will speak briefly about his/her occupation, including aspects like the education requirements, the ups and downs of the career, daily responsibilities, different prospects for career opportunities in that field in the future, and other information he/she considers important.

“My goal is that students can begin to understand the breath and number of opportunities in careers are countless,” remarked Mr. Keogh. The panel will be an overall great opportunity to explore parts of the various career options that await students.

“I am very excited for the panel and hope that what the speakers present will help me decide which career path I want to dive into,” says Junior Jada Daniels.