Student Musicians Inducted Into Tri-M Music Honor Society


By Alison Har, Staff Writer

The Tri-M Music Honor Society earlier this month inducted a group of passionate musicians from Wayne Hills.

Tri-M Music Honor Society is a program of the National Association for Music Education. This exclusive program accepts student musicians who meet its requirements. The criteria includes having outstanding accomplishments in both the academic and musical area.

“Getting in to the society requires different things like having a 3.5 GPA with 3 qualifying points or a 3.35 GPA with 5 qualifying points,” says James Nelson, the president of the organization at Wayne Hills. “Qualifying points are basically participating in different musical ensembles within school and even out of school. You would also need to have an A average at the end of each year in band, chorus, or music theory, which are the three courses you must currently be enrolled in to be considered.”

To be inducted, a student must apply by writing a letter explaining why they want to be in the society. Twenty-five students from Hills were admitted to the honor society this month on November 20 when they participated in the official ceremony which included lighting candles and reciting a pledge. Their vision now is to exhibit leadership and motivate young musicians.

“I help organize the different events that we do throughout the year,” adds Nelson.  “And for the performances of these events, I lead the ensemble by conducting, which I personally find exciting since I want to be a music educator, and it’s basically like I’m living my dream.”

During the year, students do charity performances and they will present a holiday concert on December 19 starting from 6:00 p.m. at Arden Courts.

Another occasion, ‘Evening with the Arts’, is an annual event held later on during the school year.