Saints’ Defense Against the Cowboys Offense

Saints' Defense Against the Cowboys Offense

By Matthew Mangibin, Staff Writer

Heading back to the field, the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints prepare to face each other on Thursday night’s game in Dallas.

Over the past three weeks, Ezekiel Elliott has been on the spotlight as one of the best-running backs in the NFL. The star has completed over 390 rushing yards, 531 from scrimmage and four touchdowns. But, he and the rest of the Cowboys would be dealing with the Saints’ defense. This defense has been allowing just 73.2 yards per game and might make it challenging for the Cowboys to go around them.

Last Thursday, the Saints played against the Falcons. Two of the Falcons’ running backs, Ito Smith and Tevin Coleman only combined for just 6 yards on 12 carries while Matt Ryan boosted the average of yards rushed for them by scrambling for 16 yards.

“When you can hold a team to 1.6 [yards] a carry, they may as well not even try to run the ball anymore,” Saints defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins said of Atlanta’s average yards per rush. Sean Payton had something to say of the defense, “Generally if you’re playing good run defense, it’s all 11, getting everyone to the football. Generall,y that means everyone’s tackling. It can’t just mean eight or 10, and I think that’s been the case.”

There’s a lot of high hopes for the Cowboys running back and the rest of the offense, but will it be enough for them to fight off the Saints’ defense? Billy Busacca said that “I don’t know about the Cowboys winning this one, the Saints have been showing off a lot.” The Saints may be super bowl contenders. Still, will the Cowboys offense stop this team or will they fall short to their defensive runs?