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Us Border shut down in tijuana mexico after migrant retaliation

By Jeremy Hedian, Staff Writer

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The San Diego Border in the West coast was shut down due to the backlash of border crossing migrants.

It all began when several migrants began throwing bottles and rocks at the border patrol after being denied of crossing the border. In response, the Customs and Border Protection had used tear gas on the migrants to put them at bay. Hundreds of migrants in the area were attempting to flee from violence in South America and were not capable of taking no for an answer. At 11:30 am on Sunday, the Customs and Border Protection had suspended the passing of vehicles and pedestrians through the San Ysidro Port. This port according to US officials is responsible for the transporting of 100,000 visitors each day, showing that this is a very popular American port between Mexico and the US.

The scene was incomprehensible for the norms of the US border, as military helicopters surged by, hundreds of South American migrants assembled along the Mexican side of the border, and Mexican federal police officers creating a blockade preventing migrants who hoped to cross. Women of varying ages and children were one of the many who found themselves retreating from the threat of tear gas. This is considered to be an act of protest towards the US border and it’s immigration policies.

“That is difficult. On one side I think that immigration into this country is already difficult from the testing that takes place to become a citizen. But there are many illegal immigrants that live and work in this country.  I wouldn’t really know how to change the law, but more security does seem fine. I don’t know if having a wall in the border is a good idea.” said Dylan Orren- King, a Senior at Wayne Hills High school who has a rather neutral opinion on modern immigration laws.

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Us Border shut down in tijuana mexico after migrant retaliation