Miguel Andujar ROY Snub Raises Question Marks

Miguel Andujar ROY Snub Raises Question Marks

By Jared Cohen, Staff Writer

Major League Baseball Rookie of the Year awards were announced on MLB Network this past week. The National League winner, as expected, was Atlanta Braves Left Fielder Ronald Acuna Jr. The American League Winner, however, has raised some question marks, with Angels pitcher and designated hitter Shohei Ohtani capturing this award over Yankees stud third baseman Miguel Andujar.

Ohtani’s nine starts of solid yet unspectacular 3.31 ERA ball, which is a third of the number of starts pitchers make throughout a whole season, along with his stellar .285 BA, 22HR, and 61 RBI, wound up being enough to somehow beat out Yankees phenom third baseman Miguel Andujar.

Andujar, who played an entire season, batted .297BA, 27 HR, and 92 RBI. Andujar’s value was immeasurable to the Yankees, and by seasons end he turned out to be an extra base hit machine. Andujar challenged Yankees rookie records this season, with 49 doubles.

With Andujar being a superior hitter, carrying the Yankees offense at times, playing in the heat of an AL East race against the Red Sox, the questions remains why didn’t Andujar win Rookie of the Year?

Ohtani did not play a full season and was playing for a measly Angels team that was never in playoff contention, and still managed to garner enough votes to win. Bottom line is that the voters of this award straight up got it wrong, and now time will tell that Andujar is a better and more valuable player than Ohtani. Andujar’s expectations are sky high for the 2019 season, and Ohtani will be watching from the bench recovering from Tommy John surgery because he can’t stay healthy.