Homes Made like Smart Phones – Smart Homes


By Alison Har, Staff Writer

With the recent growing advanced technology over the years, our mobile devices have been getting more efficient and faster. Since this helped out many lives, should homes be built like a smartphone? The answer is smart homes have recently emerged and is creating a highly-modernized domestic environment.

Smart homes make home tasks a breeze. The goal of a smart home is to smoothly do more with less action. The efficiency of a smart home takes away the everyday hassles of a regular home.

A smart residence covers efficient lighting, heating, air conditioning, TVs, computers, security, temperature, communicative/entertainment systems, and many other areas. All of these is controlled by an easy and little movement or a touch of a sensor, button, or voice.

A smart home does come with a price, of course. One could transform their original home to a modernized smart home with construction and financial demands.

Many families have invested in home assistants like Google Home devices or Amazon Alexa which created smart home systems.

“Smart homes sound really cool to me. They are like homes of the future, and I think more homes should be built like this. The house design will make life better,” says Gianna Verderosa, a Junior at Hills.