The Winter Track Season Starts Today

The winter track team practicing on a frigid 2016 day.

The winter track team practicing on a frigid 2016 day.

By Jeremy Hedian, Staff Writer

The dawn of December draws near, and the night of November is coming to a close. The fall season is coming to a close at Wayne Hills High School. Winter sports are here, including the infamous winter track. The meeting for winter track will be held in the Freshmen Cafeteria at Wayne Hills on November 5 for anyone interested in participating. The coaches are the same as winter track of 2017-18; with Mr. Staggers coaching the mid-distance, Ms. O’Brian coaching the sprinters, and Mr. Rousseau coaching the distance. The specifications and date of the first official practice can be retrieved in the meeting with the coaches on November 5th.

After a long and successful season with the Wayne Hills cross country team, Coach Staggers and Coach Rousseau are prepared to coach the winter track team. Fortunately, most of the runners that ran cross country will run again in winter track, adding to a team that already has lots of potential. As the weather gets colder in the winter, practices will happen outside for the distance or mid-distance runners, while the sprinters’ practice inside the school. The track team will be competing in indoor tracks in New York to even Staten Island, with other local teams such as Wayne Valley, Lakeland, Fairlawn, etc. The future’s looking bright for the Wayne Hills Winter Track team.

The Varsity Boys of Cross Country recently went to Nike Regionals in New York on November 27, and Coach Staggers and Coach Rousseau have been training them throughout the month of November. The boys had a week’s rest before the start of the winter track season on November 28.