Michael Myers Strikes Again In New Version Of Halloween


By Bettina Rosario, Staff Writer

The newest version of Halloween, directed by David Gordon Green, was released into theaters all around the world on October 23rd.

The Halloween movie was remade by Green to show how far horror has come from 1978 to 2018. The movie featuring a serial killer named Michael Myers, played by Nick Castle, has hit theaters, already grossing $128.5 million dollars. 

“I saw the movie because I like scary movies and I think they’re really fun to watch.” Says Noah Kaplan, who has seen the movie. “I thought the acting was great and I thought it was pretty realistic,” “and he scared me a couple of times so I thought that was really great.”

Nick Castle, who is now retired and 71 years old, headed back into the acting agency to play the psycho serial killer Myers. In the movie, he is known for one of his iconic scenes where the babysitter, Laurie, sees him in an upstairs window. As a reaction, she shoots the window only to have it break and fall to the ground, realizing that she had just shot a mirror.

When Castle had first landed the role of the killer, he put no forethought or preparation into the acting. “There was absolutely no forethought or preparation,” for playing Michael in the first film. “It was John puppeteering me, telling me, ‘Walk here, walk there, tilt your head.’”

One of the reasons, Castle was selected for this role was because of his unique walk, his dad being a choreographer. The main stuntman who is mostly behind the mask for the 2018 film is James Jude Courtney. Courtney was often compared to a lion and Castle to a panther. 

The original Halloween was directed and released only 40 years ago, with the man playing the serial killer now 71 years old. In the movie, there is a theory that has made its way into the other sequels of Halloween, which states that the two main characters Laurie Strode and Michael Myers were related.

However, this is not the case at all and they were never supposed to be related to begin with, states the article written by Consequence Of Sound. Carpenter, the director of the music in the film, decided that there was no story after the first Halloween movie, and so began to make his own.

Jamie Lee Curtis, the ultimate scream queen, was also featured in the movie series Halloween. However, she has stated very clearly that she actually does not like horror movies, saying that she “scares easily.”

Noah Kaplan can also relate to the scares, “I guess the jumpscares because you’re not really expecting them.”

Curtis then further explains how jumpy she is to the point where it is a part of her and, as a joke, has said it should be carved into her gravestone. Halloween was originally called ‘The Babysitter Murders!’ and Michael Myers’s mask was base off of the shape of eyes without a face. These were a couple of fun facts put into the film that seemed to be the most interesting.

Although the first Halloween didn’t make much money since it was released, it came back bringing in $60 million.

Comparing the newest version to the oldest, some things are astray. To start off, it is not the same Mike Myers actor playing the infamous silent man behind the mask. Although that doesn’t matter too much since we don’t ever get to see Michael’s face during the movie, it is obvious that the pretty babysitter has aged. She now has white frizzy hair, paranoid of the time Myers will come back to finish the job.

Most people say that although the quality is better, there isn’t much horror besides the jumpscares.

“I didn’t see the first few but I really liked this one.” Kaplan admitted.

However, when Noah was asked about which of all horror characters were the scariest, he mentioned Chucky from the Child’s Play movies, “I don’t know, I think Chucky is pretty scary but Michael Myers is scary too.”

After four decades between movies, Mike Myers is still the quiet, almost indestructible serial killer and Jamie Lee Curtis still the babysitter desperately trying to defend herself.