Los Angeles Lakers Coach Luke Walton on the Lakers Performance


By Matt Mangibin, Staff Writer

With the NBA season starting out, the Lakers were able to pull off their first win against the Suns. With their record at 1-3, Luke Walton, the Lakers coach, is not happy with how the team is performing, especially with their defense. Walton hopes to improve their play style to win more games and become a contender.

During the Lakers morning meeting, Walton expressed his frustration with the team. Before the Lakers faced the Suns, the team had to endure some of Walton’s criticism about how they should play like a team and not play selfish basketball. The emotions he had impacted the team to make them realize that getting this win would be a big one for them, especially for Walton.

Lance Stephenson, of the Lakers, responded to the media about Walton’s emotions. “We could feel his anger. “We had to get that W… He came in today very mad. He yelled at us. He told us we’ve got to lock in on defense and play unselfish basketball and get a W.” After the facing the Suns and recording their first win, LeBron said a few things about the team and the game, “it feels great; it’s a win, period. But it feels good for us to know what we’ve been doing over training camp [and] in these first few games to continue to get better… We’re very talented offensively. But I think it’s always going to start with our defense.” Lakers fan, Carlo Aliotta was satisfied with the win, but hopes that they maintain that playing style for later on. “You know that defense wins games, if they keep this up and that in their heads, then they’ll surely be an unstoppable team.”

The Lakers are going to face the Nuggets next, hoping to get their second win of the season. Can the Lakers pull off a win or will they lose and add number to the loss column?