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Way Too Early Super Bowl Predictions

By Louis D'Agati, Senior Sports Editor

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Since we are just about a third of the way done with the NFL regular season (going by way too quick), why not talk about some early Super Bowl LIII predictions.

Some teams have not gotten off to the hottest of starts, for example the New York Giants and New York Jets, who both had high expectations for at least a decent year given their new draft picks – Saquon Barkley and Sam Darnold, respectively. However, there are a few teams that have stood out so far and are looking to continue their early success throughout the rest of the year. There are two teams that stick out in my mind immediately:


Representing the AFC: The Kansas City Chiefs (5-1):

Oh yes, the time has come: Alex Smith has now ventured out to Washington, and Patrick Mahomes has traded his baseball cap for a helmet, and is now “the guy” in Kansas City. Chiefs fans have been waiting for the moment this prolific prodigy comes off the bench and becomes the next greatest gunslinger in the NFL, and to this point, he has done just that. Through the first 6 weeks, Mahomes has 1,865 passing yards, 18 TD’s, and a 63.7% completion percentage. He set the NFL record for most touchdowns in two games of an NFL season with 10 in Weeks 1 and 2. Mahomes has not been the only star of Andy Reid’s squad so far though. Star running back Kareem Hunt, speed- demon Tyreek Hill, and the exotic Travis Kelce are all helping him create one of the most dangerous and productive offenses in the past couple years. The Chiefs have a division filled with teams that competing, but just don’t have the tools to be one of those top- end teams. The Chiefs do. They have one of the most dangerous and optimistic offenses in the past decade, and don’t have much getting in their way of taking home the AFC championship title. The only teams for them to keep a watch for in the AFC are the New England Patriots, and possibly the Jacksonville Jaguars, but even still, they struggle a bit, and no team seems to have a formidable offense and defense strong enough to defeat the boys from Kansas City.


Representing the NFC: The Los Angeles Rams (6-0):

Todd Gurley is back, Brandin Cooks is emerging as a leading NFL receiver, their defense looks better than ever, and most important of all, Jared Goff is performing at an elite level. Other names that have proven to be noteworthy include Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, two receivers that have made remarkable impacts so far this year. Although Cooper Kupp suffered a minor knee injury last week, he should be able to return in only a couple weeks and come back a massive threat for defenses across the league. Sean McVay, head coach, has lead this young and ferocious team to many wins so far this year, and the future seems to hold many more for the Rams. If Todd Gurley will continue to be the best runningback in the league, Jared Goff can continue to grow and learn, and this defense can hold up, I have no reason to believe any other team in the NFL is capable of beating the Los Angeles Rams. Senior Matt Hirsh agrees, and says that “the Rams dynamic offense and elite defense, when healthy, is as close to unstoppable as a team we have ever see in the Super Bowl Era.” Moreover, if this team stays healthy, they should be holding up the Lombardi Trophy very soon.

Todd Gurley has 14 total touchdowns so far this season. It is only Week 7.

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Way Too Early Super Bowl Predictions