A New Youtube Channel On The Rise



By Bettina Rosario, Staff Writer

Daniel Choi, a senior at WHHS, has made a Youtube channel featuring the content of traveling.

“It was between me and my friend, Luca, we liked editing and posting videos. It was something I wanted to do,” said Choi. “My friends Jared Schiffman and Suha Cho. They had channels before me and convinced me to get one.”

His hobbies also come into play with his Youtube channel as the creator and editor has a passion for filming and photography.

“Filming is a passion of mine and I love editing and I want to do it as a career. Not Youtube but the whole process of making videos and editing them and taking photographs.”

The senior has always liked to travel so he combined his hobbies with his likes by taking photos and videos of the place that he had traveled to.

“The content mostly features travel videos and adventure.”My videos are a cool perspective for when I go traveling and people can see the stuff I’m into.”

He then went on to explain the advantages and disadvantages of having his channel.

“The advantages are that I get to speak my mind and show creativity to public. Disadvantages, probably the dislikes and haters.” He also explained the relevance of the thumbnails.   “The thumbnails usually have an action shot or something that reels in the eye.”

Choi’s favorite part of the channel is the process of making videos. However, with every favorite there is always a part that is dreaded. To him, that would be uploading the photos. His long seeking goal is to post more content and grow as a Youtube channel and to continue to get more views. 

Choi says he is inspired by other YouTubers:  “My favorite Youtubers would have to be Casey Neistat, David Dobrik, and Ninja.”

To find Choi’s Youtube channel, search ‘Daniel Choi’ and scroll down. His Youtube channel currently has five videos and sixty-two subscribers.