The November election is impending. Which party is likely take majority in Congress?

By Jeremy Hedian, Staff Writer

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In less than a month, the United States will finally know which officials will receive positions in Congress. This November election, the midterm election, is an election that occurs in the middle of the president’s term t to decide which officials hold seats in the Senate or the House of Representatives. All 435 seats in the Senate will by contested, while 35 of the 100 seats in the House of Representatives will be contested. The upcoming election is said to happen on Tuesday, November 13. The question remains, which party will hold majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives?

After 2016’s election, the Republican party held above fifty-five percent of the seats in the House Currently in the House of Representatives, 51 officials are Republican, while 49 are Democrat. In the Senate, there are 238 Republicans and 197 Democrats.This means that because the Republicans currently have the majority in the House and the Senate, the Democrats will need to maintain 194 seats in the House and flip 24 Republican seats in the Senate.

As of right now, the Democrats have a 3 in 4 (73.6%) chance of taking control of the House, and the Republicans have a 1 in 4 (26.4%) in maintaining control. However, the Republicans have a 7 in 10 chance in holding the Senate. From these current statistical evaluations, we can further predict that the Democrats will win majority in the House, but the Republicans will keep majority in the Senate.

“I think that if the house and the Senate were to split, it could just lead to a stagnation in lawmaking and policy making.” said AT from Wayne Hills High School. The splitting of the House and the Senate could arise of constant disagreement on lawmaking, since the house and the Senate are not derived from the same political party.

It is sure to be an important election, so everyone who is eligible should get out and vote!

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